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Step change in injectivity from Fishbones installation 

(05.12.18) Fishbones Stimulation Technology was recently deployed in an existing water injector in a tight limestone formation in the Middle East. Prior to stimulation the well was shut in after suffering from low and unsustainable injection with high surface pressures.

Following the successful deployment of a 40-subs Fishbones Jetting system the injectivity was significantly increased. The well is now on sustained water injection at rates in excess of any in the past with much lower surface pressures. 

A second system deployment in another water injector with this operator will take place later this month.


Fishbones doubles oil production!

(23.05.18) An international operator in Qatar drilled a new offshore well in a layered limestone formation and after 3 months of production from barefoot open hole, the well was completed with a Fishbones Jetting system equipped with 25 Fishbones subs (100 needles). The initial production rates of 600 bopd/day were more than doubled after Fishbones stimulation, and the PI was increased more than 6 times.

Fishbones is very pleased to announce that the same international operator was so satisfied with Fishbones performance that they have placed an order for a further three systems which are scheduled for deployment before year end, with additional systems planned through into 2021.

Statoil concludes performance of Fishbones Drilling: Double production rates after producing the well for more than 2 years

(18.05.18) In 2015, Fishbones Drilling was installed in the main bore of a dual-lateral horizontal subsea well in the Norwegian Sea. Statoil (now Equinor) has concluded in its 2018 Åsgard Fishbones Drilling Experience Final Evaluation Report that 2/3 of the production is originating from the main bore, i.e. 100% higher production compared to the side-track lateral completed with pre-perforated liner only, based on production log evaluation. The log was run in September 2017, more than two years after production start, proving sustained production benefit by the use of Fishbones technology.

Aker BP invests in Fishbones

(19.12.17) Aker BP has invested in and acquired a stake in Fishbones. The Norwegian E&P company sees potential for substantial cost savings and increased recovery by using Fishbones Stimulation Technology. They will initially apply the technology in the Valhall field.

“Investing in Fishbones enables us to influence, adapt and fully develop the technology to increase recovery on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and beyond while also developing solutions that are fit for the Aker BP fields. We have already started developing a specialized solution to handle this soft and fine-grained reservoir in the Valhall chalk field,” comments Ole Johan Molvig, SVP Reservoir in a press release dated 18th of December 2017.

Fishbones secures more contracts than ever

(29.06.17) Fishbones continues to grow its business and experiences significantly increased interest in its stimulation technologies. Equipment for four projects were just manufactured and delivered.

Earlier this month, Fishbones was awarded yet another contract in the Middle East. The operator, a major IOC operating in Qatar, will install Fishbones Jetting in an offshore horizontal well. This contract represents Fishbones’ sixth contract in the fifth country in the region.

Fishbones brings on the oil!

(31.01.17) Fishbones Jetting was installed in an existing well in a naturally fractured limestone reservoir in Oman in December 2016. The well, drilled in 2014 and previously acid stimulated three times, would not flow despite the stimulation efforts.

After Fishbones stimulation and well completion, the well started to flow naturally.

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is currently planning for another installation in the same field to prove repeatability & sustainability.

Another Fishbones success! Production boosted.

(21.10.16) Fishbones Jetting was installed in an existing well in a thin, tight naturally fractured limestone reservoir in the Middle East in July this year.

The well, which had been previously stimulated using a coil tubing deployed fracturing technique, produced 800 bopd prior to installation of Fishbones. A 5.5in Fishbones liner was used to create 60 laterals in a short pumping operation.

After a period of clean-up, the operator’s production test showed that rates had been  increased, confirming a successful stimulation job.

The operator, a major NOC, has already placed orders for installation of Fishbones Jetting in two further wells.

SPE paper on Statoil Fishbones Drilling installation now available

(24.05.16) The paper “First Installation of Multilateral Drilling Stimulation Technology in Tight Sandstone Formation” was presented at the SPE Western Regional Meeting today.

Co-authored by Statoil, this paper discusses field challenges, key drivers for using Fishbones, well design, installation and results.

The paper concludes that Fishbones Drilling was successfully deployed and that productivity appears to be higher than would be expected based on interpreted formation properties. Furthermore, it is concluded that the downside risk of deploying Fishbones was the same as running a predrilled liner while the upside could be significant both for this project and for future projects.

Link to SPE-180390-MS on

First offshore Fishbones Jetting carbonate installation

(05.02.16) Fishbones Jetting was successfully installed in a new sidetrack in an offshore well in the Middle East early January 2016.

The objective of the installation is to increase productivity from a tight, layered carbonate formation.

The 4.5in. lower completion, comprised of 20 each Fishbones subs and three each Backbone open hole anchors spaced out with liner joints and hung off with a liner hanger, was deployed trouble free in the 6in. open hole from a jack-up rig. The pumping operation was performed from vessels.

The well is not yet on production.

Fishbones wins prestigious award

(04.02.16) Fishbones was awarded the Rystad Energy 2016 Gullkronen award in the ‘New Venture of the Year’ category at the Gullkronen ceremony in Oslo February 3rd.

This is the jury’s reasoning:

“The winner has managed to combine real entrepreneurship and commercial drive with strong industrial partnerships, all essential to realize new technology. The business case is rock solid, with the ability to increase production, reduce cost and environmental impact both onshore and offshore.

It is therefore no surprise that the winner has managed to substantially grow its revenue through a challenging year, already with a strong outlook for 2016.

In their own words “efficient, simple and accurate”, they make the oil flow easier than ever before.”

In the picture: Jo Husebye, Rystad Energy; Kristian Solhaug, Eirik Renli, Fishbones; Gunnar Lille, OG21

Fishbones Drilling well on production

(04.09.15) Statoil announced today commencement of production from the Smørbukk South well which has Fishbones Drilling system installed in one of the laterals.

The development project including a dual lateral oil producer was completed two and a half years after project sanction, on time and below budget.  Statoil considers the offshore project at the Åsgard field a world class project in production from tight formations.

Statoil press release

Fishbones contract award

(05.08.15) Fishbones was awarded yet another contract in the Middle East early August by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). The contract is for a 3-well program for Fishbones Jetting installations in carbonate formations.

“As part of our strategy to increase recovery rates, KOC has signed a contract with Fishbones for piloting their Fishbones Jetting technology”, KOC confirms in a statement.

First Fishbones Drilling installation

(13.07.15) Fishbones is very pleased to announce that its Fishbones Drilling system was installed in a subsea well offshore Norway last week.

The Fishbones completion was installed in a new well drilled to exploit a tight sandstone formation to increase productivity. A total of 48 Fishbones subs were deployed over the 2012m (6,600ft) open hole interval to a TD of 6546mMD (21,474ft).  Subsequent mud circulation over a period of 6 hours, utilizing only rig pumps, effected drilling of 144 needles creating laterals extending in a radial pattern from the mother bore.

Fishbones Drilling was developed through a Joint Industry Project (JIP) with Statoil, Lundin, ENI and Innovation Norway, and is also supported by the Research Council of Norway.

OTC 2015 award ceremony

(04.05.15) Fishbones received the Spotlight on New Technology Award today at OTC. Fishbones is very proud of receiving the award for its Fishbones Drilling system for laterals drilling in clastic formations.

The photo shows Fishbones’ Kevin Rice (middle) and Thomas Jorgensen (right) receive the award on behalf of the entire Fishbones team.


Fishbones wins again!

(06.03.15) Fishbones scoops the Spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award at the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference, 4-7 May in Houston. The prestigious award is presented to Fishbones for its Fishbones Drilling technology.

Dreamliner MST was developed in Joint Industy Project with Statoil, Lundin, ENI and Innovation Norway, and also supported by the Research Council of Norway.

Fishbones is exhibiting at OTC so come and check out the latest at our boot (#5241) in the Norwegian Pavilion in the NRG Center.

For more information: OTC.

First Middle East order

(23.12.2014) Fishbones is very pleased to announce the confirmation of the first order by a Middle East operator.

The order is for Fishbones Jetting for two wells, one producer and one injector.

Fishbones is exhibiting at OTC so come and check out the latest at our boot (#5241) in the Norwegian Pavilion in the NRG Center.

For more information: OTC.

Statoil awards Fishbones with contract

(09.10.2014) Statoil has signed an agreement with Fishbones AS for the use of the Fishbones Drilling technology. The technology will first be implemented at Smørbukk Sør Extension in the Norwegian Sea.

Current plan calls for 150-240 laterals on Smørbukk Sør Extension and Statoil expects this solution to increase production significantly, says the project Petek leader Bård Haukland.

Fishbones technology is very appropriate for these very low permeable reservoirs, where hydraulic fracturing of the reservoir is not an option. The Smørbukk Sør project is planning a multilateral well with Fishbones technology installed in one of the branches.

After careful consideration, Statoil has concluded that the downside is acceptable, while the upside could be significant both for our project and for future projects, says project manager for Smørbukk Sør Extension, Ove Andre Pettersen.

ONS 2014 Innovation Award to Fishbones

(26.08.2014) Fishbones was presented the SME Innovation Award (small and medium sized enterprises) for its completion method for making large numbers of laterals simultaneously out of one wellbore by the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Mr. Tord Lien, at the ONS Innovation Award Ceremony today.

The jury members described the innovative method for stimulating reservoirs as having great potential for large value creation for the enterprises involved, both innovator and users.

“Being an alternative to hydraulic fracturing, the environmental gains can be considerable”, the jury stated.

Fishbones is very pleased to receive this prestigious recognition in tough competition with 96 other entries.

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