Fishbones Stimulation Technologies define a new level of precision and efficiency in reservoir stimulation. You can vertically connect the reservoir throughout a long well in one short pumping operation.

Fishbones Jetting

Small diameter hollow needles with jet nozzles are installed with and protected by the liner.

At depth the needles are released by pressuring up the liner. The fluid jets out of the nozzles, and the formation ahead of the tubes is jetted away by a combination of erosion and acid chemical dissolution. Differential pressure across the liner drives the needles into the formation, and they penetrate the rock until fully extended. 4 laterals are installed at each depth.

Penetration length of the Fishbones laterals is the makeup length of the liner. Typically 12 meter (40ft) is achievable penetration, creating real and significant stimulation effects. Do you need 50,100 or 200 laterals? You are in control.

Fishbones Jetting can be used with acid for jetting of carbonates or non-reactive fluids for other formations.

Fishbones Drilling

Small diameter hollow needles with drill bits and turbines are installed with and protected by the liner. 

At depth the needles are released by circulation of drilling fluid with the rig pumps at specified rates. Each needle is driven by a turbine powered by the fluid circulation. Three laterals are drilled from each Dreamliner sub and the laterals’ length can be up to 35.4ft / 10.8m. All laterals are drilled simultaneously. The laterals drilling operation is completed in few hours.

Fishbones Drilling can be used in most formation types including sandstones.

Backbone openhole anchor

Fishbones has developed the next generation open hole anchor. It can be used in a variety of formations including carbonate, shale and sandstone.

Its unique and simple design allows for unprecedented load capacities in overgauge hole. The anchor can be used in combination with the Fishbones Jetting and Fishbones Drilling systems or in any other well where pressure and temperature changes may cause movement of the string

Fishbones activation shoes

The Fishbones Jetting shoe allows circulation while running in hole. It closes upon contact with acid, allowing pressure activated equipment to operate.

The Fishbones Drilling activation shoe is available in open and closed configurations and is activated prior to the laterals drilling.



Fishbasket is a junk basket specifically designed to clear the liner ID after permanent Fishbones Jetting installation.

It cuts and collects needles, enabling wellbore access.

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