Fishbones Stimulation Technologies are field proven in sandstone, carbonate and coal bed methane formations. Fishbones improves reservoir stimulation delivering the accuracy of cemented and perforated, the operational efficiency of open hole slotted liners and the productivity of fracturing. Our solution will depend on your formation.

Fishbones can be used in a range of applications. The list below is not exhaustive, but gives an overview of typical applications were Fishbones can make a difference:

  • Increase productivity in producers
  • Increase injectivity in injectors
  • Increase reservoir contact in low permeability reservoirs
  • Connect layered reservoirs, bypass permeability barriers
  • Connect naturally fractured reservoirs
  • Accurately stimulate zones without the risk for penetrating into unwanted zones e.g. in thin reservoirs
  • Connect with sweet spots and lenses
  • Stimulate wells with varying pressure regimes
  • Reduce drawdown and reduce coning effects in long horizontals
  • Reduce convergent flow in high rate wells

Fishbones is feasible in new and existing horizontal, deviated and vertical open hole wells.

Fishbones can be combined with other completion technologies, such as screens, (A)ICDs, swellable packers, sleeves and tracers as required by the application for optimum well performance.

To evaluate your application we need to know more about your well. The more information we get, the better advice we can give. Please ask us for the Well Information Sheet.

Connect your reservoir with simplicity, accuracy and efficiency.

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