Fishbones team

Eirik Renli

CEO – Fishbones AS

January 2012– Present:  Stavanger Area, Norway

Eirik’s job is to take Fishbones from being a unique invention to becoming a global fully operational and capable service company.

Previous experience:

Eirik has held various management positions with Baker Hughes. Most recently, he was the Vice President for the Sub Sahara Africa Region.

Key tasks:

  • Develop & implement Fishbones growth strategy
  • Build first tier global organization
  • Establish Fishbones in all key markets
  • Meet all stakeholders expectations
  • Clients, shareholders & employees

Thomas Jørgensen

VP Global Sales & Application Engineering

April 2012– Present:  Stavanger, Norway

Thomas has the global responsibility for Sales, Marketing & Application Engineering activities.

Previous experience:

Thomas held a number of technical and business development positions with Weatherford and Halliburton prior to joining Fishbones and has 16 years of industry experience.

Key tasks:

  • Develop & implement Fishbones sales and marketing strategy
  • Develop & implement Fishbones application engineering system and organization
  • Manage global sales activities

Grant Paterson

Vice President

December 2014 – Present:  Dubai, U.A.E

Grant is responsible for growing Fishbones well stimulation completions business in the Middle East and the Americas markets.

Previous experience:

Grant has worked exclusively in the Middle East / North Africa Region since 2002 in positions ranging from project management, sales & business development and executive management with Schlumberger, Weatherford and latterly with Petrofac prior to joining Fishbones.

Key tasks:

  • Develop & implement Americas & Middle East strategies
  • Establish Fishbones in Middle East
  • Manage sales and operations

Kristian Solhaug

Director of Sales, Europe

September 2012 – Present: Stavanger Area, Norway

Kristian is responsible for business development and sales in Europe.

Previous experience:

Kristian has held product development engineering, sales and management positions with Halliburton / Easywell over the last 10 years prior to joining Fishbones.

Key tasks:

  • Develop & implement sales/business strategy
  • Manage sales and operations in Europe

Lill-Susann Engevik Rugtvedt

Manager Manufacturing & Supply Chain – Fishbones AS

December 2013 – Present: Stavanger, Norway

Lill-Susann has responsibility for supply chain support, supplier management and logistics on a global scale.

Previous experience:

Prior to joining Fishbones, Lill-Susann held various supply chain and logistics positions with Halliburton/Easywell and Technip for 7 years.

Key tasks:

  • Develop & implement global supply chain strategy
  • Meet client’s expectations with on-time delivery
  • Execute supplier relationship excelence
  • Support Fishbones’ vision of becoming a global player

Maximilian Leinenbach

Research, Development and Sustaining Engineering Manager – Fishbones AS

May 2015 – Present: Stavanger, Norway

Max`s main focus areas are research and innovation to drive existing and new Fishbones technologies into a commercial phase, in addition to sales and customer support

Previous experience:

Max has held simulation engineering and design engineering positions with BMW Group and Aarbakke Innovation over the last 3 years prior to joining Fishbones.

Key tasks:

  • Implement Fishbones technology strategy
  • Manage R&D organization
  • Develop unique new technology in close cooperation with cooperating clients
  • Deliver products to the global sales organization
  • Sales and customer support

Viljoen Duvenhage

Global Operations Manager – Fishbones AS

Nov 2013 – Present: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Viljoen is responsible for managing Fishbones installations globally.

Previous experience:

Viljoen held Mechanical Engineer and Field Engineer positions with Eskom Peaking Generation and Baker Hughes, respectively, prior to joining Fishbones in 2013.

Key tasks:

  • Management of all phases of any Fishbones stimulation installation to ensure delivery of services according to client requirements and expectations
  • Planning and execution of Fishbones installations

Runar Holthe

CFO – Fishbones AS

June 2016 – Present:  Stavanger Area, Norway

Runar is responsible for CFO related tasks.

Previous experience:

Runar has various consulting experience within transaction services, accounting & auditing and compliance services from EY, and has held several CFO positions in different industries.

Key tasks:

  • Manage financing strategies
  • Supervision of accounting, tax and reporting issues
  • Manage equity transactions
  • Follow up corporate governance
  • Supporting CEO in developing Fishbones

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