Fishbones team

Rune Freyer

Inventor and main shareholder
2006– Present, Stavanger Area, Norway

Rune’s inventions have resulted in a number of patents, patent applications and two SPE papers. His vision is to deliver a shift change in completion method that creates vertical connectivity in the reservoir without the infrastructure, environmental impact and complexity of traditional fracturing treatments.

Previous experience:

Rune was the inventor, manager and owner of the successful Easywell company until 2005. Prior to that, he worked for Schlumberger in various technical and sales roles for several years.

Key tasks:

  • Invent unique new technology
  • Develop technology development strategies
  • Advisory role for R&D activities

Eirik Renli

CEO – Fishbones AS

January 2012– Present:  Stavanger Area, Norway

Eirik’s job is to take Fishbones from being a unique invention to becoming a global fully operational and capable service company.

Previous experience:

Eirik has held various management positions with Baker Hughes. Most recently, he was the Vice President for the Sub Sahara Africa Region.

Key tasks:

  • Develop & implement Fishbones growth strategy
  • Build first tier global organization
  • Establish Fishbones in all key markets
  • Meet all stakeholders expectations
  • Clients, shareholders & employees

Thomas Jørgensen

VP Global Sales & Application Engineering

April 2012– Present:  Stavanger, Norway

Thomas has the global responsibility for Sales, Marketing & Application Engineering activities.

Previous experience:

Thomas held a number of technical and business development positions with Weatherford and Halliburton prior to joining Fishbones and has 15 years of industry experience.

Key tasks:

  • Develop & implement Fishbones sales and marketing strategy
  • Develop & implement Fishbones application engineering system and organization
  • Manage global sales activities

Grant Paterson

VP Middle East

December 2014 – Present:  Dubai, U.A.E

Grant is responsible for establishing Fishbones well stimulation completions business in the Middle East market.

Previous experience:

Grant has worked exclusively in the Middle East / North Africa Region since 2002 in positions ranging from project management, sales & business development and executive management with Schlumberger, Weatherford and latterly with Petrofac prior to joining Fishbones.

Key tasks:

  • Develop & implement Middle East strategy
  • Establish Fishbones in Middle East
  • Manage sales and operations

Kristian Solhaug

Director of Sales, Eastern Hemisphere

September 2012 – Present: Stavanger Area, Norway

Kristian is responsible for business development and sales in the Eastern hemisphere (except Middle East)

Previous experience:

Kristian has held product development engineering, sales and management positions with Halliburton / Easywell over the last 10 years prior to joining Fishbones.

Key tasks:

  • Develop & implement sales/business strategy
  • Manage sales and operations in Eastern hemisphere

Lill-Susann Engevik Rugtvedt

Manager Manufacturing & Supply Chain – Fishbones AS

December 2013 – Present: Stavanger, Norway

Lill-Susann has responsibility for supply chain support, supplier management and logistics on a global scale.

Previous experience:

Prior to joining Fishbones, Lill-Susann held various supply chain and logistics positions with Halliburton/Easywell and Technip for 7 years.

Key tasks:

  • Develop & implement global supply chain strategy
  • Meet client’s expectations with on-time delivery
  • Execute supplier relationship excelence
  • Support Fishbones’ vision of becoming a global player

Maximilian Leinenbach

Research, Development and Sustaining Engineering Manager – Fishbones AS

May 2015 – Present: Stavanger, Norway

Max`s main focus areas are research and innovation to drive existing and new Fishbones technologies into a commercial phase, in addition to sales and customer support

Previous experience:

Max has held simulation engineering and design engineering positions with BMW Group and Aarbakke Innovation over the last 3 years prior to joining Fishbones.

Key tasks:

  • Implement Fishbones technology strategy
  • Manage R&D organization
  • Develop unique new technology in close cooperation with cooperating clients
  • Deliver products to the global sales organization
  • Sales and customer support

Viljoen Duvenhage

Global Operations Manager – Fishbones AS

Nov 2013 – Present: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Viljoen is responsible for managing Fishbones installations globally.

Previous experience:

Viljoen held Mechanical Engineer and Field Engineer positions with Eskom Peaking Generation and Baker Hughes, respectively, prior to joining Fishbones in 2013.

Key tasks:

  • Management of all phases of any Fishbones stimulation installation to ensure delivery of services according to client requirements and expectations
  • Planning of Fishbones stimulation installations
  • Execution of installations

Runar Holthe

Consulting CFO – Fishbones AS

June 2016 – Present:  Stavanger Area, Norway

Runar is responsible for CFO related tasks.

Previous experience:

Runar has various consulting experience within transaction services, accounting & auditing and compliance services from EY, and has held several CFO positions in different industries.

Key tasks:

  • Manage financing strategies
  • Supervision of accounting, tax and reporting issues
  • Manage equity transactions
  • Follow up corporate governance
  • Supporting CEO in developing Fishbones

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