Are you happy with your current stimulation efforts?

If not, allow Fishbones proven solutions to unlock the full value of your assets.

Fishbones Stimulation Technology

Fishbones is a provider of unrivalled technology that has defined a new level of precision and efficiency in reservoir stimulation.

By means of a short pumping operation numerous titanium tubes are extended from the mother bore to create long channels, delivering significantly improved reservoir productivity.

Fishbones, like no other stimulation system available today, guarantees deep connectivity with your reservoir precisely where planned with the optimal use of valuable resources.

Reasons to choose Fishbones

  • Increase productivity by connecting the well to the reservoir with up to 300 laterals.
  • Accelerate production by integrating stimulation in your drilling program.
  • Avoid water or unwanted gas by predictable penetration and location of the laterals.
  • Simplify logistics by using rig pumps and significantly less fluids.
  • Accelerate progress by avoiding cementing, perforating, cleanouts, running frac strings and other operations.
  • Reduce HSE exposure by reducing the number of operations and man-hours. Reduce the environmental impact by reducing emissions and by using less fluids.
  • Avoid flow back and disposal of fluid from hydraulic fracturing.
  • Effective reservoir conductivity may be low due to layering or faulting. The layers or faults can be penetrated and drained by Fishbones with the mother bore not even penetrating the faults.
  • Different intervals have different pressures and can be hard to effectively hydraulically stimulate. Fishbones allows you to stimulate zones with different pressure regimes.

The inventor

Fishbones Stimulation Technology was invented by Rune Freyer, a serial entrepreneur that holds a number of patents and patent applications. His vision was to deliver a shift change in completion method that creates vertical connectivity in the reservoir without the infrastructure, environmental impact and complexity of traditional fracturing treatments. Rune was the inventor, manager and owner of the successful Easywell company (swellpackers) until 2005, and is the Fishbones main shareholder.

Support from Governmental supported agencies

Fishbones is pleased to receive governmental support through the agencies of Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway.

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